The BIG Bath Night

Nate and I took the opportunity of a night off to hang out with Rae Ann and Stella for a few hours. Even though I've been able to visit quite a bit, it's a rare day that Nate is able to come over as well, so this was a treat. Pretty much all the pictures after this one include a very naked baby and a warm bath. We were lucky tonight--no floaters in the tub! Wahoo!

Just so excited...

Stella bounded up to the bathtub, rose up on her tippy-toes, stuck her fingers under the faucet, and promptly peed all over the side of the tub. I didn't realize she was peeing in this picture until just after I took it. What a nice suprise:)

Who can resist this -> face?

I just can't resist posting a ton of photos from bath night tonight...absolutely adorable!

This is Stella just after she almost smacked her forehead into the side of the tub. One of her hands slipped out from under her, but somehow she caught herself and then looked up at Rae Ann and made this little, "Uh oh!" face. Then she promptly flopped onto her stomach and acted like a fish.

Naked baby!

"OHHH, what's this?"

Stella found the camera strap when I was snapping shots of her. She was intertained by it for about .5 seconds...

Moma and baby girl takin' a bath!

-Hey, Rae Ann, wouldn't it be funny if I dropped the camera in the tub?

-Tom would hunt you down and kill you.

Nate, the man...

...what a hottie!

another day...

Rae Ann and Stella were bored the other day...so I visited them! Stella was a little showoff with her monkey doll. She hardly puts the thing down these days. We had quite a bit of fun sharing dinner! It's been nice having the Peil's so close--it's super easy to jaunt on over to visit after work. And it's been really fun since Stella has begun to recognize me.


Another batch of pics...

The Peil family! It was a tight fight in the back of Mom and Dad's truck, but we all squeezed in and had quite a time bonding.

I had to sit on Nate's lap...he wasn't too fond of that. Actually, I think he even lost some feeling in his legs:)

I think Stella was having the most fun! She seemed excited to be so close to everyone...

It was snowing in Zig Zag! We drove up on Sunday afternoon, a few days after Thanksgiving, and had an absolute blast! Everyone, take note: it only costs five bucks to cut trees on Mt. Hood (but only if they're eight feet or less--you go over eight feet and, as Dad learned through much complicated dialogue, every foot costs two dollars a foot, aka a nine foot tree costs eighteen dollars).

I don't think I need to say much about this picture...