So it's been a month or so.

I took a break from blogger, and without any forethought! I really didn't mean to. Things went a bit crazy when we found out that we're pregnant again...

Yes, it's true! We're due November 29th, two days after Thanksgiving. We're pretty excited! We're just about 9 weeks right now - the morning sickness began just before we hit six weeks and I've been working my hardest to beat it with protein and B6 and ginger...whatever I can think of. My prayer has been not only that this baby is healthy but that my morning sickness would end before we hit the 16 week mark. I had morning sickness up until the day we lost Nathaniel Micheal...I'd rather not repeat that! But it seems like it might be dissipating a little these last few days, which is marvelous!

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that we're pregnant again. Pray for us!

I'll post other interesting things (with pictures) later...Forgive my laziness but I'm downright tired right now :)