Goodness, I need to update! The thing is, though, that I don't have a lot to update about right now. We're still plucking along. Nate was sick this past weekend...that was the first time either of us has thrown up since we've be married, and, frankly, I was more than a little nervous about it. It's silly, I know. I've always had Dad when I've been sick (sure, he's always told me to get a drink of water and that's the extent of his involvement), so I wasn't sure how I'd handle Nate being sick. Pat him on the back? He doesn't have any hair to keep out of his face, so I couldn't help there. Anyway, long story short, we're pretty sure Nate had some form of food poisoning because I've not caught whatever it was he had.

Nate is up an around now, though, and working his tail off! He came home for lunch yesterday and told me that he had a bid to give that afternoon. I was a little confused because I didn't remember him telling me about it before, and it turned out that he hadn't - he got a call from a guy desperate for a quick paint job that morning, so Nate went out and gave him a bid. He got the call, took a look at the house, created his bid, and got the job all within six-ish hours. He's so cool:)

My two year Mary Kay anniversary was March 28th. Career Conference in Seattle is this weekend, but registration was something I couldn't afford at the time it needed to be paid. My director called me last night, though, and told me that she can't go and would I be willing to take her reservation? Wahoo!!! So I'm headed up to Seattle Sunday afternoon (along with Julianne Hester) and I'll come home Monday afternoon, just in time for my Bible study.

Oh, just for kicks, here's a picture of the house Rick and Karen just moved out of. This is where Nate grew up.


Pure joy

I babysat the little Peils the other day, and this is my favorite picture from the experience. The smallest bundle of joy wouldn't let me put her down. I didn't mind too much, though:) I happen to like them both!

Yes, yes, I know.

So, it's totally lame, but I have (really truly) nothing to post. Nate's been keeping busy with his work; I've been blessed with a one million percent increase in my work load. I say that to let you know that we've pretty much kept to our business and haven't had anything incredibly interesting happen lately. The cat's fine. Nate's fine. I'm fine. We're all fine!

Nate has created a spray shop in the garage...He's making grand use of it as he finishes up Mom and Dad's cabinets. He rigged the plastic so that he can roll it up to the ceiling and leave it there until he needs to use it again, which he has a couple jobs in the future that will require the use of his spray shop:)

We weren't lying when we told you that Frankie likes to drink water. She's knocked over quite a few of our cups trying to get to our drinking water. And she still stands in the shower or bathtub and hollers until someone turns on the faucet.

The one thing I've been deriving a LOT of pleasure from is scrapbooking. I've enjoyed pulling old pictures out of boxes and creating some order out of chaos. I started with my year at Ecola Bible school and then worked through dating Nate and living in Canada. At this point, I've covered getting married, Rae Ann's wedding, Stella's birth, Christmas and tree cutting from 2006, and I just put together quite a few pages of my year in Kansas. There are all sorts of other random pages included in the book, and I have ambition enough for many more!