The much needed vacation.

SO! July 22nd was our two year anniversary and we took a grand lil' trip to California, where we escaped from it all!!! Not really:) I kept checking the internet to communicate with various clients and friends...I'm not the most dedicated vacationer, what can I say.

We had such a great time, though! I think Nate could've stayed south for just about forever. We're very opposite types in that respect: he wants to extend the vacation as much as possible; all I can think about toward the end is getting home.

The most unpleasant thing, though, was that my morning sickness set in on the trip down to San Louis Obisbo (sp???). Ack. AND the OBs office called me the day we were driving down to tell me that my pregnancy was labeled a "threatened pregnancy." Apparently the doctor wasn't satisfied with the strength of the little one's heart beat at our first ultrasound. (I've since had my second ultrasound and everything is just fine! S/HE has a strong heartbeat and looks good for being a lima bean.)

Pismo Beach, where we ended our honeymoon! It was oh-so-nice to be back!

Nate...just standing in the kitchen, hollering about dinner, if I remember right.

Oso Flaco...Mom and Dad told us to take this little nature walk. It was about 75 degrees outside when we started, but by the time we made it across the lake and toward the ocean, it was much warmer...and WAY windier!

These are cormorants. These are crazy, weird birds! They aren't water proof, or even water resistant, but still they swim. They become weighed down by the water and then have to climb out to dry off (which they do by spreading out their wings - seriously, they'll sit like this for 10 minutes or more, whatever it takes until they're dry) before they drown.

This is the part of the ocean that we walked to after crossing the lake. Getting there was an unwelcome reminder of just how out of shape we are...

Olde Port Restraunt and Inn, where we sat at a glass topped table that had a view through the floor/pier underneath us to the water below. We saw starfish and sea weed, but not much else. We found the sea lions later.

Our anniversary self-portrait. These are always winner angles!

Nate was laughing at the drunk fishermen near us on the dock. After dinner we walked to the end of the dock and watched all the fishing boats and herons and listened to the sea lions howling out on their rock.

Sea lions galore! When we started to head back to the car we found a crazy amount of loud sea lions right under the pier we were walking on. They were incredibly noisy, but we had such fun watching them! (Yeah, sorry, the photo is sideways...)

I have quite a few pictures from when we stopped in and visited with the Powells at their new house, but I think those are on the camera still, which Nate has taken off to work with him...again. :)

One last picture, though. Enjoy :]