Hazel at 8.5 Weeks

I took several pictures of Hazel around 8.5 weeks, so here are a few of those. Tired of this yet?

I snapped a couple self-portraits also...

I took Hazel with me and we drove out to meet Gretchen's new little one, Havaah (Hebrew, but my spelling might be off). Havaah was born December 23rd, during the horrible snow storm, so we hadn't been able to meet her in the hospital. She's such a cutie! It was really fun to have the girls together.

The following video is of Havaah and Hazel. You can hear Gretchen in the background, and I'm talking with Ransom, Havaah's older brother.

I'm getting another blog posting ready - you'll love it, grandmas. It's photo friendly.


Hazel's Hat

You've seen the pictures.

Hazel's hat never fit her right. The white beanie with orange poka dots just wasn't cutting it. And then I remembered that I had been given a cute little hand-made "sweet pea" hat when I was pregnant. One of my Starbucks customers brought it in for Hazel. We had talked about Nathaniel for quite awhile one day, and my anticipation of Hazel, and she was moved. The next day she showed up with a gift! It was so sweet! The hat was made by a friend of hers who sells them at Portland's Saturday Market.

Hazel usually fusses when I begin to put the hat on her, mostly because of the strap that goes under her chin, but she gets used to it eventually. I love the hat, and it keeps her so warm!

Feel free to laugh at Hazel along with me...


Hazel's Winter Pose

I have to post this picture to share a laugh with you.

Her arms actually fill the sleeves now, but for some reason she keeps her hands straight out in front of her when she wears this outfit.

It cracks me up.


Mom & Dad's Anniversary

Dad invited Rae Ann and I to join him at Portland City Grill as a surprise to Mom for their anniversary (December 29th, 28 years). I'll take pretty much any excuse to visit that place - such good food! Here are a few pictures from that evening. Rae Ann drove us, and this was probably the farthest away parking spot we could get...and we barely fit.

Hazel spent the evening with Nate - this is what I found when I got home. She's too cute, let's just be honest.


Major Photo Find

I took all sorts of pictures these past two months but never uploaded them to post. Well, I'm changing that now. There will be several posts as a result...Hang in there with me! First off, the "arctic blast" of 2008.

This is what we were up against when we left the house for Christmas with our families. We lost power, actually, so we spent several nights with my parents. Conveniently, too, since driving in the snow back and forth terrified me.

I snapped these when we were staying over at Mom and Dad's house.

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas with Nate's Portland-based extended family.

And these were taken at my old camp friend's wedding reception. I think it had been nine years or so since I had last seen Natali (the bride) or Erica.

More to come soon!


New phone...finally.

I've hated my Nokia for the last two years I've owned it - in fact, since the first day I got it. It shuts off when calls come in, I have to reset its time zone often, and the TY9 forgets how to spell.

Our contract expired two days ago so Nate and I found a new plan and new phones today. Fantastic! But I knew I'd miss several of the pictures from my phone in the process, so I spent a few minutes sending them to myself before my Nokia lost service. I thought I'd share them with you now. Ah, good times!

This is from quite awhile ago, Fall 2006 I do believe. Nate and I were being silly on the drive to Cannon Beach.

Magone, 2006. We love to visit this restaurant when we go east for camping.

Nate, Jamison Square off of Lovejoy in Portland. I love this picture - I find it serene.

This was the day after Hazel was born. Another picture I absolutely cherish.

I took this picture at Hazel's one week pediatrician's appointment to prove that she rolled onto her side on her own. We got her stripped down for her appointment and then we waited to see the doctor for probably another 45 minutes. In the meantime, Hazel made herself comfortable under the heating lamps and turned onto her side.

You can barely see it, but Hazel is smiling here. This is one of her first smiles.

Meeting my friend Brittany at Cafe Delirium in Gresham.

Crib time! These two pictures crack me up...

And a picture of her at 2 months. She's getting so big, it's unbelievable!


Photo Booth is too fun.

Hazel and I got carried away today. I was downloading a song from iTunes on Nate's computer and decided to distract Hazel. She actually spent some time watching herself on the camera. I don't know if she recognized her image, but it's fun to dream.

She spit up on herself just in time for this one.

And here's how much she's grown! She weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz. at an appointment I had the other day! I can't wait to get her into the pediatrician's office to find out how long she is now.

More to come soon. I have pictures galore on my camera - I just haven't taken the time to upload them and organize my thoughts into a blog posting. Someday I'll find my brain.


Do you like us?

So...we're moving. I know I've mentioned this several times now...

I set the cleaning day at the rental for January 17. If you help us out, I'll feed you spaghetti! And no, Leslie, it won't be cooked noodles reheated with Newman's Own poured over the top. It'll be real spaghetti, I promise! (Good times, though.)

So if you're willing and able to help us do some cleaning, please let me know. I can send you the address/directions. We'll get started in the morning, probably around 9am and go until maybe 4pm. Nate and his brothers have done the bulk of the work so far - all the walls have been washed and the kitchen cabinets and drawers have been scoured. With multiple bodies, the remaining jobs won't take that long.

Thanks, guys!


And so she sleeps.

Hazel has been going through a growth spurt...and it's been interesting! Thinking back, I believe it began on Sunday. She was super resistant to sleep, fidgeting and chatting, effectively keeping herself awake. The last two or three days have been hard, with her not napping during the day at all. I'm not kidding. Maybe a few 15-minute-ish cat-naps.

But I think today we're finding our way back to "normal." She went to bed at 8pm last night and slept until about 1am. She went down again around 2am and slept until about 5:30am. And then she went down at 6:30am and stayed asleep until about 8:30. She slept in nice, long chunks, which means I did too! So very exciting!

And she's napping right now...so much to do! Must be off to accomplish stuff while the girl sleeps!