Photo Booth is too fun.

Hazel and I got carried away today. I was downloading a song from iTunes on Nate's computer and decided to distract Hazel. She actually spent some time watching herself on the camera. I don't know if she recognized her image, but it's fun to dream.

She spit up on herself just in time for this one.

And here's how much she's grown! She weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz. at an appointment I had the other day! I can't wait to get her into the pediatrician's office to find out how long she is now.

More to come soon. I have pictures galore on my camera - I just haven't taken the time to upload them and organize my thoughts into a blog posting. Someday I'll find my brain.


csbozeman said...

Don't be too sure about finding your brain. Leina's almost one and I have no idea where my brain is! :) Hazel is such a cutie!!! Congrats on her and your new house! It's been fun "keeping" up with you via your blog. Hope you guys are doing well. - Carrie

COURTNEY said...

Thank you for the sweet comment you posted on our blog. The verse you left for me was very encouraging. Congrats on your little cutie pie :)

Take care,
Courtney Young

Lindsi said...

I love these pics, they are great! She has such cute little lips :)