Hazel at 8.5 Weeks

I took several pictures of Hazel around 8.5 weeks, so here are a few of those. Tired of this yet?

I snapped a couple self-portraits also...

I took Hazel with me and we drove out to meet Gretchen's new little one, Havaah (Hebrew, but my spelling might be off). Havaah was born December 23rd, during the horrible snow storm, so we hadn't been able to meet her in the hospital. She's such a cutie! It was really fun to have the girls together.

The following video is of Havaah and Hazel. You can hear Gretchen in the background, and I'm talking with Ransom, Havaah's older brother.

I'm getting another blog posting ready - you'll love it, grandmas. It's photo friendly.


GrannyNanny said...

Tired of it yet? NEVER!!

HART said...

I love, Love, LOve, LOVE... the second one down. The black'n white of your hands with her face in the background. Way cool!!

HART said...

Oh, yeah, about that tired thing... NOT EVER!!!