Do you like us?

So...we're moving. I know I've mentioned this several times now...

I set the cleaning day at the rental for January 17. If you help us out, I'll feed you spaghetti! And no, Leslie, it won't be cooked noodles reheated with Newman's Own poured over the top. It'll be real spaghetti, I promise! (Good times, though.)

So if you're willing and able to help us do some cleaning, please let me know. I can send you the address/directions. We'll get started in the morning, probably around 9am and go until maybe 4pm. Nate and his brothers have done the bulk of the work so far - all the walls have been washed and the kitchen cabinets and drawers have been scoured. With multiple bodies, the remaining jobs won't take that long.

Thanks, guys!


Tim said...

Looks very doable. As long as I get to hold Hazel for 5 min. every hour.

Necia said...

sad to say that i cannot be there to help, as much as i would LOVE to! i've got family stuff going on this weekend, and then activities with the youth too. hope you find all the help you need!