This time last year

Graduation from Trinity Western University! I can hardly believe it's been a year already--time has indeed flown by. Nate and I have been married 8 months already, Linsea and Ken ten months, Rae Ann and Tom, Leslie and Adam, David and Tiffani, Jeff and Necia, all married 2, almost 3, years...It's amazing!

Truth be told, I miss Canada and my little basement apartment (Rent: $176 USD per month, utilities included--those were the good ol' days). Fall and winter make me want to visit Fort Langley...good times.

Not to be neglected...

I didn't want to forget these photos from the Banks family Christmas...I know, I know, it's March, but, hey, my computer was broken. So, this is how I'm resolving it, by overwhelming my blog with piles of pictures from months and months ago!

Here we have Nate's brothers, Ricky and Stephen. I never really got a good family picture, or any family picture, for that matter. But, anyway, this is before we opened presents. It was such an interesting Christmas; the first time I didn't spend Christmas Day with my family, and the first time Nate didn't spend Christmas Eve with his family. We are so blessed, though--both sides of the family were flexible and wanting to work with us to find the best time to celebrate. Nate and I are so lucky that our families live in the same town, within ten minutes of each other. That worked well when we were dating, when Nate was working at my parent's house, and now for family get togethers on major holidays! And our parents get along so well! That, too, is a major blessing! I'm just one lucky, lucky girl...

Pretty much the only pictures I have that have both Nate and I in them are self-portraits, and I realize that very likely you all are sick of the repetitive angles, but I have such a handsome man and I have to show him off!

We gave Karen and Rick a starter album of some wedding photos. As the years go on, we'll be able to fill the book, which I look very forward to...what we gave them is slim pickin's compared to all there is. But they were excited nonetheless!

Nate's a geek.


Pro Wedding Pictures

I have so much catching up to do! Over the months I've been planning out all sorts of photo entries for this blog, but it hasn't been until now that I've been able to follow through with any of my ideas. They aren't fantastic ideas accompanied by incredible witticism, but I want to share them nonetheless. So here's to another entry!

Probably my favorite picture of Nate and I during the wedding...Dad (with help from innumerable amazing people) built this fantastic deck under the big tree in my parent's backyard. It has a pinwheel shape to it and when we surrounded it with flowers and greenery it was magnificent! The wedding party stood on it during the (4 minute) ceremony. And after the ceremony, when the sun was down and all the candles were lit and the white lights were turned on, it simply glowed.

Mom and I while I was getting ready. I love this photo of the two of us!

The bridesmaids and I taking a break during the photo shoot. It was stinkin' hot outside! The girls had huge umbrellas they were able to stand under and the owner of the house where we were getting ready brought out a couple oversized fans. I stood in front of one of them for awhile holding up my dress--the air flow was so refreshing and wonderful:)

Nate and his brothers, Stephen and Ricky. Fancy-shmanzy men.

Getting ready...

...And More.

My mother-in-law, Karen, and her brother Raymond.

Parents-in-law, Rick and Karen. They provided a fantastic rehersal dinner the night before the wedding, and they were so supportive while we prepared for the wedding, helping when and wherever possible.

Nate and I.

The flower girls and I.

My mom and Dad.


Isn't she adorable?

I found these pictures of Stella in my cache and just can't help but smile!

Some faves

Here are a few of my favorite wedding pictures, taken by friends and family. My friends Hunter and Amanda (from the good ol' Ecola days) snapped this one of Dad and I dancing at the wedding.

They also caught this one-the floating fairy-ish beings are the flower girls. They're racing across the deck...and toward all the cake.

Nate's cousin spotted Rae Ann and my father-in-law, Rick, dancing.

This is my all-time favorite photo of the wedding! Thanks, Tom!

Tom also took this one of Dad and I getting ready to walk down the aisle. Nate couldn't see us at this point, but a good half of the gathered crowd could.




And now for the pictures...

Getting ready to take off for the airport the day after the wedding. We had piles of presents to go through, a billion cards to read, and we still had to pack for our honeymoon!

Nate and I had to stand in the LONGEST line in the world as we waited to go through customs. We met another newly married couple who turned out to be really weird...We ran into them a couple more times on the ship and they were rarely together--she was usually wandering around by herself drinking while her hubby was playing the slot machines. Kinda strange.

This is the lobby of Carnival Pride--eleven or so floors high, it was beautiful!

Nate and I on at our first formal dinner. We had fun getting dolled up for a late dinner--and it was to our benefit that we actually enjoyed our table-mates! We were assigned seats, so it's good that we got along with Brian and Julie!

Here's our ship! This was taken from a little transport boat that was hauling a bunch of us to shore so we could more intimately enjoy Cabo san Lucas, where, by the way, I got stung by a jellyfish and Nate didn't believe me...the stinker...

I was burned like crazy by the third day, so Nate and I stayed on the ship while we were in Mazatlan. We watched Winn Dixie like fifty times, wandered all over the ship, discovered all sorts of nooks and cranies on the ship, and just enjoyed the view! We also enjoyed some margaritas.

...and more.

Here is Nate standing at the balcony on the top level of the cruise ship.

This is us in Puerto Vallarta. The ship remained docked into the night and we were able to enjoy the sunset...as well as a near empty pool that was 72 degrees plus.

On the night of our last formal dinner...

This is in Pismo Beach, CA. We flew to Los Angeles to board the cruise ship, so we rented a car to get home. On the way we stopped in Pismo and stayed a few nights.


One little photo...

Isn't he just so cute? I'm a lucky, lucky girl:)

More photos later!