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I have so much catching up to do! Over the months I've been planning out all sorts of photo entries for this blog, but it hasn't been until now that I've been able to follow through with any of my ideas. They aren't fantastic ideas accompanied by incredible witticism, but I want to share them nonetheless. So here's to another entry!

Probably my favorite picture of Nate and I during the wedding...Dad (with help from innumerable amazing people) built this fantastic deck under the big tree in my parent's backyard. It has a pinwheel shape to it and when we surrounded it with flowers and greenery it was magnificent! The wedding party stood on it during the (4 minute) ceremony. And after the ceremony, when the sun was down and all the candles were lit and the white lights were turned on, it simply glowed.

Mom and I while I was getting ready. I love this photo of the two of us!

The bridesmaids and I taking a break during the photo shoot. It was stinkin' hot outside! The girls had huge umbrellas they were able to stand under and the owner of the house where we were getting ready brought out a couple oversized fans. I stood in front of one of them for awhile holding up my dress--the air flow was so refreshing and wonderful:)

Nate and his brothers, Stephen and Ricky. Fancy-shmanzy men.

Getting ready...

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*FARMERS* said...

good times best friend! :) you two couldn't be more perfect for each other. and nate couldn't be more wonderful, it is so nice that we all get along so well! love you!!