Not to be neglected...

I didn't want to forget these photos from the Banks family Christmas...I know, I know, it's March, but, hey, my computer was broken. So, this is how I'm resolving it, by overwhelming my blog with piles of pictures from months and months ago!

Here we have Nate's brothers, Ricky and Stephen. I never really got a good family picture, or any family picture, for that matter. But, anyway, this is before we opened presents. It was such an interesting Christmas; the first time I didn't spend Christmas Day with my family, and the first time Nate didn't spend Christmas Eve with his family. We are so blessed, though--both sides of the family were flexible and wanting to work with us to find the best time to celebrate. Nate and I are so lucky that our families live in the same town, within ten minutes of each other. That worked well when we were dating, when Nate was working at my parent's house, and now for family get togethers on major holidays! And our parents get along so well! That, too, is a major blessing! I'm just one lucky, lucky girl...

Pretty much the only pictures I have that have both Nate and I in them are self-portraits, and I realize that very likely you all are sick of the repetitive angles, but I have such a handsome man and I have to show him off!

We gave Karen and Rick a starter album of some wedding photos. As the years go on, we'll be able to fill the book, which I look very forward to...what we gave them is slim pickin's compared to all there is. But they were excited nonetheless!

Nate's a geek.

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