After Nate and I returned from Magone, I had right around 36 hours to do laundry, repack, clean the house, and pull together everything I needed to go to Colorado Springs. My dear friend Sarah was getting married! For those of you who joined Nate and I at our wedding in July 2005, Sarah was one of my bridesmaids-her boyfriend at the time, Daniel, helped my parents finish prepping the yard for the wedding. He and Josh (husband of another good friend, Kayla-from Beaumont, TX. Kayla was my wedding coordinator) quickly became my Mom and Dad's favorite boys with their good manners and quick smiles!

I purchased my airline ticket through priceline.com. I wanted to spend four days in Colorado Springs, but, of course, priceline decided that I should fly into CS at 10:15pm Thursday night and fly out on Sunday at 6:25am! So, really, it was a two day trip. Lucky me.

When I got into CS, Kayla picked me up and drove me to join the girls for Sarah's bachelorette party. We met the girls at a dance club, but quickly moved on to an Irish pub with live music. Since Sarah was a celebrating bride-to-be, the guy had all the girls get up on his stage and dance. I couldn't even tell you what the song was that we were singing, but, man, it was fun! Acutally, another patron had to get up in front of us to show us the motions. Man, I didn't know what to expect in Colorado Springs, so I was totally surprised with all the activity on the street! Pikes Peak (I think that's where we were) was crammed with clubs. We were out pretty late dancing.

I learned some fun tricks from Amber, a fellow married lady...She was pretty slick at letting guys know that she was married. We laughed pretty hard! We had to take a picture of our wedding rings...

It was so fun to see Sarah again and meet all the girls that she's lived with over the last four years! Most of the girls have been in Sarah's life for much longer than that. It was just good to finally put faces with names.

Amber, Kayla, and one of Nikki's (Sarah's best friend) sisters-in-law and mother of a flower girl.

This guy's name was Scott, I think. He came over to our table where half of our party was sitting. He brought a drink and then Amber pointed out that all but one of us were taken. Katy was the lone single girl at the table...Sceptical Sarah is watching over her in this picture. I'm pretty sure we scared this guy off eventually.

Sarah, Kayla, and I! This picture made it up on Sarah's wall for her to enjoy for all time! Hah, Kayla and I are sneaky.

Sarah and her sister, Bethany. Bethany and her fiance, Ben, will be getting married next year.

The next morning, Kayla and I took the opportunity to sleep in (we climbed into bed at 4am). Kayla, her husband Josh, and their son Braden were staying in Sarah and Daniel's room in their house. I had the guest room. I regret not taking a picture of the room, it was so funny! The closet had been turned into a 1/2 bath. The toilet was at an angle in the corner of the closet, so when you sat down, your knees were sticking out into the bedroom. Definately interesting! But cute.

Josh taught me to make some really cool eggs and toast on Friday morning, and then Kayla and I ran errands. We went to the store and put together some really fun pictures and frames to fill Sarah and Daniel's house with us:) These are faves...both are from our freshman year of college. The first is in Cannon Beach when my roommate Lauren, Kayla, and Sarah come home with me for Easter (and thus their love affair with Oregon began...), and the second was taken probably the second or third week of college in my dorm hall.

After running our errands, Kayla and I stopped by the church to see how the decorating was going along. Nikki and her mom, along with Bethany and bridesmaids Katy and Trisha had pretty much finished the decor. The church was gorgeous! Unbelievable!

Candles filled every conceivable space. It literally glowed! The weather had been gloomy for days, as well, so the overcast atmosphere added an amazing ambiance inside the church. All the stained glass looked magnificent.

After checking out the church, Kayla and I raced back to the house to spend some time working on a few scrap book pages as part of a gift from Sarah's friends. When we got to the house, she was there. We worked really REALLY hard to get Sarah to take a nap. She needed it, definately, but more than that we needed her out of the way so she wouldn't see what we were up to. She was so dazed before her nap that it didn't register when she caught us at one point. After her nap and shower, though, I think she figured out what we were up to when she unexpectedly walked into the room and we were clumsy at covering up our project. We put two pictures on her fridge, which she later saw, so I think she thought that that's what we'd been doing. Anyway!

Friday evening was the wedding rehersal. It was nice and short! We all piled into cars and right around 45 people landed at Gieseppie's, a fantastic restaurant! The decor made me ache for Christmas! Just look at this photo.

Some really great pictures were taken on rehersal night, so I'm just going to pile them on here.

After the party, Kayla, Josh, and I sat up for a few hours at Sarah and Daniel's house tying together 175 programs. It was great being able to chat with Kayla and Josh! Before seeing Kayla at Lauren's graduation just a couple months before our wedding, it had been nearly four years. Sarah's wedding was the first time I'd seen Josh in five years, and I'd never met Braden! He's a keeper, definately.

The next morning, I rolled out of bed and got ready for the day. Kayla and I hurried through getting ready, proven by the fact that we left the house and literally half of Kayla's makeup and hair was done. We found our way to Monument and Nikki's house, where the girls had spent the night. Sarah had Nikki working on her hair while the girls were doing their hair and make-up around her. The bathroom was overrun!

It was so fun being a part of Sarah's pre-wedding activities! She asked me to be the unofficial photographer, so I spent most of my time on Saturday taking pictues. The actual wedding photographer, Shannon, was so sweet! She moved to CS from Oregon six or seven years ago, so we had some fun chatting about all the good things Oregon offers. Again, I took so many pictures, here are a bunch to browse.

The weather was soooo cold! It was actually supposed to snow on Saturday. Pikes Peak had been under the clouds, but on Saturday, I was delighted to see it bright and clear in the distance!

As you can tell in the pictures of the girls above, they were absolutely freezing. We made our trip to the park for photos a quick one. It was there that Jill showed up! We didn't know if Jill would be able to make it to the wedding until, like, Thursday morning. She's another one I haven't seen in five years, so it was so good to catch up with her that night!

The ceremony went off without a hitch. Sarah and Daniel said traditional vows as well as their own. The flower girls made it all the way down the aisle, with some help from their moms. No one fainted, almost everyone cried. Including the bride and groom. It was very sweet!

The reception was lovely. It was held at the fine arts center where some absolutely incredible pieces were mounted to the ceiling of the main rooms. I can't remember the artist's name, but his stuff is unique and recognizable. I couldn't get very good pictures of them, though, with the digital camera.

Sarah and Daniel had an excellent reception. We ate some tasty lasagna and partied the night away! They had a money dance, which turned out to be quite lucrative. I don't think I've ever danced so much...I'm by no means a good dancer, but it sure was fun! A couple friends from Kansas, Matt and Ryan, along with Lauren, her friend Scott, and Jill joined Kayla and I on the dance floor. We took up some space and danced to our own beat.

It was just so tough to say goodbye! After going so long without seeing those friends, it really stunk to say hello and goodbye to most of them in the same day. I decided, though, that that's the last wedding I'll go to alone. I missed Nate like crazy, so it was wonderful to come home!

To all of you Kansas friends that are visiting this blog, I love you and I'm so glad to have been able to spend time with you, as brief as it was! Blessings on you all!



I'll explain more later...

This is from my weekend in Colorado Springs...


Magone '06

So, about a week ago Mom and I were chatting about this year's Magone trip when we both realized that there was something wrong...She and Dad had plans to leave that upcoming Saturday (the 16th), and Nate and I weren't leaving for like 2 weeks (the 27th). I had the wrong dates! Nate and I scrambled to organize ourselves and made it work. We moved up our camping trip by 2 weeks and joined Mom and Dad in Magone for the first four days of their trip. It was a close call!

We decided to drive the Volvo since we sold my truck and Nate's truck is a work truck. He worked on Friday while I packed our groceries and made a good three trips to the store that day. Nate finished his work day around 10pm (poor boy), and came home to an unhappy wife. I had been tripped by the cat and fell down the stairs. Coffee and pillows went flying. And I have the bruise to prove my sob story true. Frankie kept her distance the rest of the night. So when Nate got home, he helped me finish packing up the car, and we took off for Pendleton around 11:10pm. Yuck! It was pouring rain on I-84, which is an incredibly dark highway, so it was doubly difficult to see anything. Poor Nate struggled to stay awake, so about half an hour into the drive I took over. The Lord kept me awake the rest of the drive! We made good time and arrived at Leslie and Adam's at 2:30-ish in the AM. This time around, we didn't get lost AND we didn't get pulled over! Last year, we were pulled over twice...Ridiculous cops have nothing better to do in Pendleton...

I had coffee on Saturday morning with Leslie and Lori, my MaryKay director. Nate and I headed to Prairie City/Magone when we were done at Starbucks. It was a fairly short drive. We got into the campground after a grueling 10 miles of horrible gravel and picked out our campsite. Mom and Dad arrived several hours later, interrupting Nate's once-a-year nap. We set up camp and then enjoyed the day!

[Notice Dad in the background of this picture...]
On Sunday, we drove into town and enjoyed a great lunch at a hick restaurant which serves some of the best burgers, easily comparable to those at Calamity Jane's! Nate bought some fishing gear and when we got back to camp, Mom, Dad, and Nate spent hours tossing their lines.

On Monday, we visited the lookout point (official name? I'm not sure) and enjoyed a gorgeous day. We decended after awhile and found a good spot to shoot Dad's guns for a few hours. Back at camp, more fishing. I got up the courage and followed Nate out in one of Dad's pontoon boats. Those things are testy. And the thing of nightmares. All that open sapce right at your feet just begs for something in the lake to reach up and grab at you. I endured it, although not for long.

That evening we stayed indoors with Mom and Dad and ate brownies and played aviator monopoly. On Tuesday, Nate and I packed up and drove into town for curly fries, onion rings, burgers, and shakes at a drive-in. Yes, Magone is the week of bad food. Nate and I left for home just after lunch and a quick stop at the jerky shop. As we were eating, the rain began to fall. We just beat the downpour! After a good six hour drive, we made it home and found an unhappy, lonely cat. Ahh, it's good to be home!


Welcome to September.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Portland! When we went to church in the morning, it was right around 75 degrees, sunny and breezy. Nature was calling! With everything on our plate that we HAD to do yesterday, we were still coming up with all sorts of things that we WANTEd to do...So, we did what we wanted and stopped by Nate's parents house and showed off the car! Then we did what we had to and met up with the guy who sold to Volvo to the girl we bought it from (he had to sign some paperwork for us...she never changed the title over to her name, so we had to have him sign a bill of sale for the
DMV, which makes my life that much more fun!).

Then we did what we wanted and spent the rest of the day with Dave and Tiffani Martin, along with their son Charlie! We hit up Red Robin for lunch, took in the view at Multnomah Falls, wandered through a couple outlet stores in Troutdale, ate some really decent food in Newberg at a 50's diner, and then took in two movies (Accepted, Talladega Nights) at the drive-in!

The whole day was such a blast! It was great spending time with friends and enjoying the great outdoors. And it was a nice intro to a month that's going to fly by...camping this upcoming weekend, Colorado next weekend, and then back to camping. It'll be full but FUN!