So, I'm a little sad these days...I'm such a truck girl. I've been driving trucks since my junior year of high school, first the little blue Nissan and then the bigger and better blue Toyota. She was beautiful!

Last Christmas, Nate and I left my parent's house with piles of presents stacked around us in the cab of the truck. Nate had a hard time steering, I couldn't see anything, and I couldn't put my feet down for fear of smashing something. It was at that point that we realized we'd need to get a car. Every trip to the grocery store found us tying up the plastic bags so that we could put the groceries in the back of the truck without anything blowing away. Our trip to Magone last year, well, that was another reason to get a car. All of our camping gear was soaked by the snow when we finally pulled into the campground. With a car, though, all of our problems would be solved!

On Thursday night last week, I put the truck up for sale on CraigsList.com. I went off to a baby shower and when I returned several hours later, Nate had received 7 phone calls regarding the truck. The next morning, I found my e-mail inbox filled with offers. That day, Nate received another 12+ phone calls - he almost couldn't keep up! We met with two interested parties on Friday night, the first of whom said we wouldn't get more than $3,900 for the truck. The next lady bought it almost immediately for the price we listed...$4,300.

Within that hour, we had purchased a car...a lovely Volvo! We found it on CraigsList.com and jumped at it. It's a great car! I don't have photos of our car, but here are a couple of others that are like it.

Ours is white with black, leather interior and a bike rack on top. It's in the shop right now getting a nice, thorough check-up. I'm excited about the car! It's going to be wonderful to be able to drive other people around (trucks are so limiting in that department)...Especially because our miles per gallon will more than double! Ahhh!

I'll post some shots when we get the car back and Nate leaves the camera at home!