Welcome to September.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Portland! When we went to church in the morning, it was right around 75 degrees, sunny and breezy. Nature was calling! With everything on our plate that we HAD to do yesterday, we were still coming up with all sorts of things that we WANTEd to do...So, we did what we wanted and stopped by Nate's parents house and showed off the car! Then we did what we had to and met up with the guy who sold to Volvo to the girl we bought it from (he had to sign some paperwork for us...she never changed the title over to her name, so we had to have him sign a bill of sale for the
DMV, which makes my life that much more fun!).

Then we did what we wanted and spent the rest of the day with Dave and Tiffani Martin, along with their son Charlie! We hit up Red Robin for lunch, took in the view at Multnomah Falls, wandered through a couple outlet stores in Troutdale, ate some really decent food in Newberg at a 50's diner, and then took in two movies (Accepted, Talladega Nights) at the drive-in!

The whole day was such a blast! It was great spending time with friends and enjoying the great outdoors. And it was a nice intro to a month that's going to fly by...camping this upcoming weekend, Colorado next weekend, and then back to camping. It'll be full but FUN!

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Stephen said...

Wow, you blog a lot. But it really is a good way to keep people up to date. For example... Congrats on the car!