Jacob Jeremiah Weigel

Linsea went into labor on Monday, June 25th, and popped out Jake on Tuesday, June 26th, at 1:58pm. She was at Portland Adventist still when she called me and I was able to go meet the 7lb. 4oz., 19" long baby around 8:30pm that night. Mom and baby are happy and healthy, a little more than can be said about new-dad, Ken. He told me yesterday that the stress from long labor and the not sleeping caught up to him on Thursday when they were supposed to be heading home. He said he spent quite a bit of time throwing up in the bathroom, poor guy. I wouldn't wish that on anyone! So, I took a few pictures the night I met Jacob, so here are a few:

Linsea was sooo tired, but she looked great! She said her labor was tough for the first ten hours, and then they gave her medication. Labor lasted nearly 26 hours.

Linsea's dad is holding Jacob in this picture, and Linsea's brother Seth is sitting with his girlfriend Emily. When I got to the hospital, Linsea's brothers were there (along with Emily), and then her parents showed up. They all left after a little while and I sat holding Jacob for about five minutes, until Ken's family showed up.

Just from my observations, Jake has a very Lindquist face, but Ken's chin :]

Catching up.

Okay, this will be a quick review of the past months.

First off, Linsea's shower (I DID have some pics!):

Next, we got away in June to Rockaway Beach again (Twin Rocks Friends' Camp). Here are a couple pics of not too much :) It was stormy while we were there...bummer at first because we'd been sooo looking forward to several sunny days at the coast, but we resided ourselves to the yucky weather by day two. The last day we were there, though, the weather turned gorgeous! Ivy's birthday party was called off so we had no time restrictions...it was heaven! We took all the time in the world to wander around on Rockaway beach and Cannon Beach. I have some great editing work going on right now, so we drove through Cannon Beach and south to Tolovana (sp?) to find a cheap place to stay for a long weekend as a writing getaway. We found the Grey Whale Inn, which I would LOVE to stay at just for its eccentricity...We spent most of our time at Twin Rocks reading to our hearts content. Below you'll find Nate's tome of the year:

And now, Mom's 50th birthday party (I totally just typed "59th"--she'd kill me for that! I've had too much coffee today...)! We had probably 18 people in Mom and Dad's hangar for the party, so it was well-attended and totally enjoyable! Now I have a meeting with a client, so this quick blogging at the coffee shop has come to an end. Enjoy your day!

[ps. Papa Haydn messed up with Mom's cake...again. Refer to last August for the first bad experience with Pap Haydn. I really enjoy their food, but seriously, they need to get their orders straight. This cake was their last-ditch efforts to please me.]

[ps. New co-pilots! Uncle Seth took a quick trip through the pattern with Mom and Erin took a longer flight with Dad.]



I found these pictures from May! I know, I'm taking a step back, but I think they're funny pictures...The one of Nate and I is from Willamette Park (I think that's the name). We were wasting time between church and going over to his parents' house for lunch. The park is in West Linn, and the last time we were there was at his Junior League baseball team's end-of-season party, and that was almost three years ago. We walked out on the dock and sat for an hour or so watching the boats drift by. It was nice!

After lunch with Rick and Karen, and Karen's Uncle Ben and his wife Linda, the ladies practiced some yoga while Rick had his back worked on by chiropractor Ben. Yes, so that's why these pictures include some funny poses.

Nate took the camera again, but soon I'll have some more pictures up from more recent events! Thanks for your patience! Love to you all...


Mac Track-ers

Ryan and Erin McLaughlin (my cousins on Mom's side) are both in high school (kinda -- Ryan just graduated) and run for the Milwaukie varsity track team. I can't list their achievements here, except that I know they're endless, and both of them made it to State this last season. Below are a few pictures from one of their end-of-the-season meets (this one was against Oregon City). I wasn't able to make it to State to watch them run, but hopefully I'll get to watch Erin a bit more next year!!

Ahh, April.

Yeah, that month that started 66 days ago...That's the one I'm referring to. So, Easter. My family go together to celebrate at Mom and Dad's place, so that was nice. Rae Ann and I worked with Mom to make a great spread. Honestly, though, all I really remember about Easter was how silly the girls were over their eggs and small gifts. It was fun :]

Sometime back in April, I hosted a Mary Kay party at my house. The point was to discuss color with ladies interested in learning more about application (one of whom was me), so my director, Lori Anderson, led the party. It was focused around Nate's cousin, Cara...She's getting married in August and wanted to create a look for her wedding day. I think the party was alot of fun! SOO many ladies showed up! We had 12 in the living room, besides Lori and I. It was a tight fit, but it was worth it. I was able to get to know my neighbors a little more -- three came!

So, the following weekend, I hosted Linsea's shower at my house. Leslie Farmer and I worked together to make it happen, so I can't claim the fame for its success :) Go here to see pictures. Leslie did a great job blogging about the event. And since I don't have any photos of the shower, you'll get a much better idea of how it went by reading her blog!

Okay, on to the next month...Whew.