Mac Track-ers

Ryan and Erin McLaughlin (my cousins on Mom's side) are both in high school (kinda -- Ryan just graduated) and run for the Milwaukie varsity track team. I can't list their achievements here, except that I know they're endless, and both of them made it to State this last season. Below are a few pictures from one of their end-of-the-season meets (this one was against Oregon City). I wasn't able to make it to State to watch them run, but hopefully I'll get to watch Erin a bit more next year!!


In The Potter's Land said...

Remember DCS track? The 4X4 -districts and state with Annie and Ging? Good times!

*FARMERS* said...

i am ready for a new post missy :) i hope you are having a good week! it feels SOOO good to be done with school for this year, and the wedding, and the showers, and the ORELA test, although i didn't pass one of my classes. we are freaking out trying to figure out what to do about it. it will cost $300.00 to take it this summer :( it will come out of pocket since i don't get any finicial aid for summer term. oh well, we will get it figured out! love ya :*