...We're settling...

I wanted to just get something up on the blog...It's been awhile, so it's time for a change.

Nate and I are getting settled, slowly but surely. We have piles and piles of empty boxes cluttering the garage and house-it's hard to see past them at times. Surprisingly, we fit nicely into this house! Moving from the apartment to a three bedroom house actually wasn't much of a stretch. We're working to fill in a few gaps (like bathroom rugs) but it's nothing monumental.

We're also actively trying to sell my truck...so sad. It's time, though! We need to get a smaller, family-oriented, non-gas guzzling vehicle.

It'll be sad to let it go...ahh well.

I began to work from home this last week! It's been quite an interesting change-lonely at times, but good nonetheless. I find myself with copious amounts of free time, but not without plans on how to fill it all:) My hours with SCI (my editing work) are increasing-WAHOO-and I plan on taking on at least one more client in the next weeks (that's my through scheduling job).

This next week Nate and I will be driving to California to spend the weekend with his relatives. His grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. It'll be a nice break for both of us! Nate's been working like crazy, and, since he finds California relaxing, it's an immediate solution to his tiredness:)

More later!