Super Fast Post

Nate is the coolest husband ever, I have to say. On Saturday morning I jotted off to BSF at 5:30am. I called him on my way home, around 9:45am, to see if he was up (ha ha, the man can hardly sleep past 6am) and to find out his plans for the day. He said he wasn't doing much, just stuff around his office. That didn't strike me as odd because he's, uh, well, obsessed. (love you, hon!)

So, when I opened our front door, the first thing I noticed was booming music. I made my way to the kitchen, but Nate wasn't there or in the family room. I glanced upstairs and spotted him in his work clothes at the top of the stairs. And then I noticed a ladder peeking at me around the corner. And then I smelled paint. PAINT. Wahoo! He was painting the upstairs hallway! SO exciting! And, don't worry, he got it done in a day.

Our house looks lovely :) And I have a lovely husband!


The Pearl

Before my move up to Canada several years back, I was really getting to know downtown Portland, mostly because one of my friends had sweet access - her parents had a studio apartment in the up-and-coming Pearl District. We'd stay the night in their apartment and spend the next day roaming through the city. I learned to love Powell's and the meat packing district. Walking all those blocks repeatedly, I feel like I saw a certain aspect of the city come alive. Now going to the Pearl is like entering a whole new world.

It's packed full of apartments and condos and quaint shops. One of my newest "treasures," introduced to me by Rae Ann, is Sip & Kranz, a Stumptown coffee shop located near Lovejoy. I think I'm so attracted to it because it's something new and different. I enjoy the coffee shops near my house for their specific purposes (one I meet editing clients at, another I always end up doing some BSF at while Nate reads), so this shop is fresh. And the Pearl isn't so far away from my house that it's unreasonable to drive there!

Nate and I used one of the fancy cultural passes from the library about a week ago and walked through Pittock Mansion. Yeah, just about as uninteresting as it was when I was nine. Don't get me wrong - if you live in Portland, you should take some time to tour the touristy spots, but some of them just don't need to be visited more than once. I love the Portland Art Museum so I'll continue to go there as often as I can, but not so much the Pittock Mansion. We do want to go back and tour the grounds, though - I guess some of the property has been set aside like a park. Well, the City of Portland does own the Pittock Mansion, so I guess that's why the grounds are public also.

But I digress. After the mansion, Nate and I visited Sip & Kranz together. So the pictures in this post are from that little trip.

That's all.

I'm done. :)


March 13, our lost due date

The day has passed. And it was much harder than I thought it would be.

But I'm alive, and breathing. The song I've attached hits my heart hard.

And all I can say is, "By the grace of God go I."


A couple weeks back

Brunch! Leslie was in town doing some job searching, so we decided to get together and chat over sausage, eggs, and cinnamon rolls. I honestly can't recall the last time the six of us were together in the same room. I missed the last get-together but sent a message with Leslie to tell the girls I was pregnant - yes, it was that long ago! So her are some pictures from that morning...

Fun times! Thanks for hosting, Jen :)


Stephen was in town...

Yes, it's true! He came to town for a little bit and it was great to see him! We took a day to play around outside in the beautiful sunshine - well, the boys did anyway. Stephen and Nate decided to toss a ball around, and then Dave and Charlie Martin showed up and joined them in their game of catch. It was a bit windy outside, though, so Tiffani and I sat in her car and chatted :)


Nate's Birthday Party

I had sooo much fun putting together Nate's surprise party! I worked on it for several weeks and had to keep all of the anticipation to myself...

His party was on Saturday, February 8th, about two weeks after his actually birthday. On Thursday night, Nate stayed up all night working on his tax information to take to our appointment with the most amazing tax lady ever. Okay, but he stayed up all night - which meant that he stayed home and slept on Friday, the day I had planned to use to do all of my cleaning and baking for the party. So Friday was shot! I cleaned the downstairs and then snuck out of the house and drove to Mom's with all my baking stuff to make the desserts for his party.

On Saturday morning, I went to BSF and Nate was called to help his mom with an errand she had to run at Ricky's storage unit. When I returned home from BSF, I raced around the house doing what I could before driving to Mom and Dad's to meet up with them and Nate to go to lunch. We took off for Olive Garden and Karen and Rick drove over to our house to finish getting it ready for company and to open the door for guests when they started to arrive. We were late getting back home, but that ended up being a great thing! More people were able to get there before us :)

When we walked in the door, everyone was waiting for us in the front room, and it was awesome! They yelled a mixture of "Surprise!" and "Happy Birthday!" and he turned around and looked at me and asked, "Are you kidding?" He was so surprised, and it's a rare day that I can keep a secret from him long enough to actually surprise him! I had a guest list out on the counter earlier in the week, but he somehow never spotted it...

But anyway, we had so much fun! It was fantastic to see everyone - it had been years since the last time I saw some of Nate's friends. We had a great time, so thank you to everyone who was able to make it to his party!


More work done!

This is from a little while ago, when Nate was home and able to get some painting done. We really enjoy the green from the front room and we had painted it into the downstairs hallway, but Nate and I agreed (after 1.5 years of the green hallway) to repaint to a more neutral color. So these pictures are from when he painted the staircase - the paint in the staircase matches the downstairs hallway, and the upstairs hallway will eventually be painted the same!

I have a fantastic hubby :)