Nate's Birthday Party

I had sooo much fun putting together Nate's surprise party! I worked on it for several weeks and had to keep all of the anticipation to myself...

His party was on Saturday, February 8th, about two weeks after his actually birthday. On Thursday night, Nate stayed up all night working on his tax information to take to our appointment with the most amazing tax lady ever. Okay, but he stayed up all night - which meant that he stayed home and slept on Friday, the day I had planned to use to do all of my cleaning and baking for the party. So Friday was shot! I cleaned the downstairs and then snuck out of the house and drove to Mom's with all my baking stuff to make the desserts for his party.

On Saturday morning, I went to BSF and Nate was called to help his mom with an errand she had to run at Ricky's storage unit. When I returned home from BSF, I raced around the house doing what I could before driving to Mom and Dad's to meet up with them and Nate to go to lunch. We took off for Olive Garden and Karen and Rick drove over to our house to finish getting it ready for company and to open the door for guests when they started to arrive. We were late getting back home, but that ended up being a great thing! More people were able to get there before us :)

When we walked in the door, everyone was waiting for us in the front room, and it was awesome! They yelled a mixture of "Surprise!" and "Happy Birthday!" and he turned around and looked at me and asked, "Are you kidding?" He was so surprised, and it's a rare day that I can keep a secret from him long enough to actually surprise him! I had a guest list out on the counter earlier in the week, but he somehow never spotted it...

But anyway, we had so much fun! It was fantastic to see everyone - it had been years since the last time I saw some of Nate's friends. We had a great time, so thank you to everyone who was able to make it to his party!

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