Super Fast Post

Nate is the coolest husband ever, I have to say. On Saturday morning I jotted off to BSF at 5:30am. I called him on my way home, around 9:45am, to see if he was up (ha ha, the man can hardly sleep past 6am) and to find out his plans for the day. He said he wasn't doing much, just stuff around his office. That didn't strike me as odd because he's, uh, well, obsessed. (love you, hon!)

So, when I opened our front door, the first thing I noticed was booming music. I made my way to the kitchen, but Nate wasn't there or in the family room. I glanced upstairs and spotted him in his work clothes at the top of the stairs. And then I noticed a ladder peeking at me around the corner. And then I smelled paint. PAINT. Wahoo! He was painting the upstairs hallway! SO exciting! And, don't worry, he got it done in a day.

Our house looks lovely :) And I have a lovely husband!


Anonymous said...

He's alright :)


Jeff & Necia said...

robin -
just wanted to let you know that i finally got around to starting Dracula! i am about half way through, and i can't put it down! so fascinating - so glad you lent it to me! :o)
anyways, hope all is well with the two of you.