Charlie Anthony

Little Charles Anthony Martin was born March 22, 2006, in the wee early morning hours. We've been waiting for this moment for forever it seems; at least for two, almost three, years. Tiffani and Dave are so excited, litterally glowing! And we're thrilled along with them, looking forward to watching Charlie grow up. Honestly, it seems like practically everyone I know is having babies! I counted nine pregnant women I know. That's just nuts.

Dave, the proud dad! (For those of you who don't know, he's the guy that introduced Nate and I back in high school and then again during college.)

Cranium anyone?

We had our friends Brent Hiebert and Lindsay Marsh over a few weeks ago (I've been meaning to post these pictures for awhile now...sorry!) for dinner, drinks, and games. Brent taught Nate how to make margaritas, to my total delight:) We ended the night playing Cranium Conga (thanks again, Les and Adam!). No one really understood the rules (most of us were a little to foggy to pay too much attention), but I think we all had fun.

Just to let you know, Lindsay's not wasted in this picture--I just caught her at a bad time:)