I found these pictures from May! I know, I'm taking a step back, but I think they're funny pictures...The one of Nate and I is from Willamette Park (I think that's the name). We were wasting time between church and going over to his parents' house for lunch. The park is in West Linn, and the last time we were there was at his Junior League baseball team's end-of-season party, and that was almost three years ago. We walked out on the dock and sat for an hour or so watching the boats drift by. It was nice!

After lunch with Rick and Karen, and Karen's Uncle Ben and his wife Linda, the ladies practiced some yoga while Rick had his back worked on by chiropractor Ben. Yes, so that's why these pictures include some funny poses.

Nate took the camera again, but soon I'll have some more pictures up from more recent events! Thanks for your patience! Love to you all...

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