Catching up.

Okay, this will be a quick review of the past months.

First off, Linsea's shower (I DID have some pics!):

Next, we got away in June to Rockaway Beach again (Twin Rocks Friends' Camp). Here are a couple pics of not too much :) It was stormy while we were there...bummer at first because we'd been sooo looking forward to several sunny days at the coast, but we resided ourselves to the yucky weather by day two. The last day we were there, though, the weather turned gorgeous! Ivy's birthday party was called off so we had no time restrictions...it was heaven! We took all the time in the world to wander around on Rockaway beach and Cannon Beach. I have some great editing work going on right now, so we drove through Cannon Beach and south to Tolovana (sp?) to find a cheap place to stay for a long weekend as a writing getaway. We found the Grey Whale Inn, which I would LOVE to stay at just for its eccentricity...We spent most of our time at Twin Rocks reading to our hearts content. Below you'll find Nate's tome of the year:

And now, Mom's 50th birthday party (I totally just typed "59th"--she'd kill me for that! I've had too much coffee today...)! We had probably 18 people in Mom and Dad's hangar for the party, so it was well-attended and totally enjoyable! Now I have a meeting with a client, so this quick blogging at the coffee shop has come to an end. Enjoy your day!

[ps. Papa Haydn messed up with Mom's cake...again. Refer to last August for the first bad experience with Pap Haydn. I really enjoy their food, but seriously, they need to get their orders straight. This cake was their last-ditch efforts to please me.]

[ps. New co-pilots! Uncle Seth took a quick trip through the pattern with Mom and Erin took a longer flight with Dad.]

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