Jacob Jeremiah Weigel

Linsea went into labor on Monday, June 25th, and popped out Jake on Tuesday, June 26th, at 1:58pm. She was at Portland Adventist still when she called me and I was able to go meet the 7lb. 4oz., 19" long baby around 8:30pm that night. Mom and baby are happy and healthy, a little more than can be said about new-dad, Ken. He told me yesterday that the stress from long labor and the not sleeping caught up to him on Thursday when they were supposed to be heading home. He said he spent quite a bit of time throwing up in the bathroom, poor guy. I wouldn't wish that on anyone! So, I took a few pictures the night I met Jacob, so here are a few:

Linsea was sooo tired, but she looked great! She said her labor was tough for the first ten hours, and then they gave her medication. Labor lasted nearly 26 hours.

Linsea's dad is holding Jacob in this picture, and Linsea's brother Seth is sitting with his girlfriend Emily. When I got to the hospital, Linsea's brothers were there (along with Emily), and then her parents showed up. They all left after a little while and I sat holding Jacob for about five minutes, until Ken's family showed up.

Just from my observations, Jake has a very Lindquist face, but Ken's chin :]

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*FARMERS* said...

yeah! i am so glad you posted this...i told my mom she has to look :) i am sad though...i want to go to the hospital too :( those are some really cute pics though. it was really good to catch up the other night! it looks like you can reserve the 29th of july for our get together. if you see linsea would you let her know (since we are coming over and all...we talked about it at Olive Garden but i am sure she forgot.)
hope the rice got finished!! ;)
love you! :*