Yard work

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and it was an excellent day! Nate joined me over at Mom and Dad's to do some work in the garden. We got rid of the weeds and fertilized everything and then Nate picked berries while I took care of the lettuce. He took off after awhile and left me to finish up. He ran to Home Depot and rented a thrasher for the yard.

Okay, so we didn't know what to expect. When he was done running the thrasher across the yard it looked like we had dumped a bunch of dead grass on our newly mowed lawn.

I began to help Nate without really understanding the process or purpose of what we were doing, so it was interesting to learn along with Nate. We raked up all the dead yard debris scattered across the lawn (filling the yard debris bin) and then we spread top soil in the holes left over once the dead grass was removed. We had huge patches of just dirt...Years of neglect had combined to turn our front and back yards into a gross mess! So we laid the top soil and then spread grass seed and fertilizer. Nate ran this other piece of equipment over the yard when we were done, some big round plastic thing that he had me fill up with water to make it heavy.

So we finished with the yard, sprinted inside to clean up, and then rushed over the Seth and Trina Mac's for a family get-together. We weren't there for long, though; we had to go back to Mom and Dad's to put the dogs in before the fireworks started. Poor little Rameus is just old enough (and now dumb enough) to try to break through his invisible fence if he was scared by the banging.

After we locked the dogs up, we joined Dave and Tiffani Martin over at Dave's parents house (1 minute up 172nd from Mom and Dad's house) and watched crazy fireworks. Their neighbor had a spectacular show and then Dave and Nate lit a few mortars that flew straight over where Tiffani and I were sitting. It was such a marvelous night for fireworks! We didn't make it to bed, though, until almost after 1am. And Nate got up at around 6am, or just before. His commitment to his business is amazing, but sometimes I have to shake my head in bewilderment :] Nate and I talked and made a decision for all humankind--we think it's a much better idea for people to work the first half of the day on July 4th and then take the 5th of July off totally. Sounds good, eh?

Oh, this is Tosha hiding from the noise of the thrashing machine.

Enjoy your day!

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