Mom and Dad, this is your yard. Don't forget!

Mom and Dad have been away for awhile (what, not even a week?) and it feels like forever. So I'm posting these pictures so that they remember that they like it here and come home eventually.

I harvested this, don't worry.

And this.

See you guys soon! Enjoy CA, although you're missing gorgeous weather here :)

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*FARMERS* said...

cute posts! it sounds like you guys were busy bees the last couple days :) i hung out with adam's fam for the 4th, i am sick again :( plus rox freaks out with the fireworks...she doesn't understand why her world is caving in one explosion at a time!! ;) so the 4th was nice, but i agree we stayed up late and i had to work early the next morning. the fireworks at the park didn't even get started until after 10! then we did some of our own after that, so it was a late night! miss you friend!
oh check out my blog i have a new post, and let me know what you think....it's a bit of a tear jerker.