Ahh, April.

Yeah, that month that started 66 days ago...That's the one I'm referring to. So, Easter. My family go together to celebrate at Mom and Dad's place, so that was nice. Rae Ann and I worked with Mom to make a great spread. Honestly, though, all I really remember about Easter was how silly the girls were over their eggs and small gifts. It was fun :]

Sometime back in April, I hosted a Mary Kay party at my house. The point was to discuss color with ladies interested in learning more about application (one of whom was me), so my director, Lori Anderson, led the party. It was focused around Nate's cousin, Cara...She's getting married in August and wanted to create a look for her wedding day. I think the party was alot of fun! SOO many ladies showed up! We had 12 in the living room, besides Lori and I. It was a tight fit, but it was worth it. I was able to get to know my neighbors a little more -- three came!

So, the following weekend, I hosted Linsea's shower at my house. Leslie Farmer and I worked together to make it happen, so I can't claim the fame for its success :) Go here to see pictures. Leslie did a great job blogging about the event. And since I don't have any photos of the shower, you'll get a much better idea of how it went by reading her blog!

Okay, on to the next month...Whew.

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