Busy, BUSY Day!

So, for the last year I've been selling MaryKay cosmetics. It's been a little job on the side that I've enjoyed dipping into every now and then, but I haven't been very driven. Today, retired National Sales Director Ritta Potter flew in from Virginia and I met with her at the airport, along with Julianne Hester (another Independent Sales Consultant) and Lori Anderson, our director. It may seem silly to be posting about a lunch date here, but it's actually a big deal! It's very VERY cool that she met with us on her own time. We sat down, had lunch, and chatted for quite awhile. It was such a blessing to hear from her and learn some of her 30+years of business wisdom!

So, now I'm inspired to build my business. My hope is to make enough money through MaryKay so that I no longer have to work as a scheduler...Wow, only two jobs. That would be FANTASTIC!

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*FARMERS* said...

yeah i am excited it went well! one of the first things she said to me was robin would be such an amazing director! :) she kept talking about you were so positive and made her laugh!! she was too sweet, and i got to have dinner with her :) so it is a BIG DEAL, it is like meeting a Mary Kay celebrity. i will do whatever i can to help you meet your goals! love you friend and i am hoping to see you soon...cross your fingers! :*