And now for the pictures...

Getting ready to take off for the airport the day after the wedding. We had piles of presents to go through, a billion cards to read, and we still had to pack for our honeymoon!

Nate and I had to stand in the LONGEST line in the world as we waited to go through customs. We met another newly married couple who turned out to be really weird...We ran into them a couple more times on the ship and they were rarely together--she was usually wandering around by herself drinking while her hubby was playing the slot machines. Kinda strange.

This is the lobby of Carnival Pride--eleven or so floors high, it was beautiful!

Nate and I on at our first formal dinner. We had fun getting dolled up for a late dinner--and it was to our benefit that we actually enjoyed our table-mates! We were assigned seats, so it's good that we got along with Brian and Julie!

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