And so she sleeps.

Hazel has been going through a growth spurt...and it's been interesting! Thinking back, I believe it began on Sunday. She was super resistant to sleep, fidgeting and chatting, effectively keeping herself awake. The last two or three days have been hard, with her not napping during the day at all. I'm not kidding. Maybe a few 15-minute-ish cat-naps.

But I think today we're finding our way back to "normal." She went to bed at 8pm last night and slept until about 1am. She went down again around 2am and slept until about 5:30am. And then she went down at 6:30am and stayed asleep until about 8:30. She slept in nice, long chunks, which means I did too! So very exciting!

And she's napping right now...so much to do! Must be off to accomplish stuff while the girl sleeps!

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Necia said...

woohoo! that must be SO nice! i'm down in texas visiting my sister and her family, including her newborn - born on christmas! :D - and can totally understand! (well, as much as a girl can by watching and helping and only hearing about the late night stuff!)