Hazel's Hat

You've seen the pictures.

Hazel's hat never fit her right. The white beanie with orange poka dots just wasn't cutting it. And then I remembered that I had been given a cute little hand-made "sweet pea" hat when I was pregnant. One of my Starbucks customers brought it in for Hazel. We had talked about Nathaniel for quite awhile one day, and my anticipation of Hazel, and she was moved. The next day she showed up with a gift! It was so sweet! The hat was made by a friend of hers who sells them at Portland's Saturday Market.

Hazel usually fusses when I begin to put the hat on her, mostly because of the strap that goes under her chin, but she gets used to it eventually. I love the hat, and it keeps her so warm!

Feel free to laugh at Hazel along with me...

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GrannyNanny said...

Absolutely adorable! She looks good in green and it fits well! :-)