New phone...finally.

I've hated my Nokia for the last two years I've owned it - in fact, since the first day I got it. It shuts off when calls come in, I have to reset its time zone often, and the TY9 forgets how to spell.

Our contract expired two days ago so Nate and I found a new plan and new phones today. Fantastic! But I knew I'd miss several of the pictures from my phone in the process, so I spent a few minutes sending them to myself before my Nokia lost service. I thought I'd share them with you now. Ah, good times!

This is from quite awhile ago, Fall 2006 I do believe. Nate and I were being silly on the drive to Cannon Beach.

Magone, 2006. We love to visit this restaurant when we go east for camping.

Nate, Jamison Square off of Lovejoy in Portland. I love this picture - I find it serene.

This was the day after Hazel was born. Another picture I absolutely cherish.

I took this picture at Hazel's one week pediatrician's appointment to prove that she rolled onto her side on her own. We got her stripped down for her appointment and then we waited to see the doctor for probably another 45 minutes. In the meantime, Hazel made herself comfortable under the heating lamps and turned onto her side.

You can barely see it, but Hazel is smiling here. This is one of her first smiles.

Meeting my friend Brittany at Cafe Delirium in Gresham.

Crib time! These two pictures crack me up...

And a picture of her at 2 months. She's getting so big, it's unbelievable!


HART said...

Hey guys,
Hazel is absolutely beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!! I sent emails, but I'm never sure they actually get to you... due to the non existant responses I get, maybe I'm emailing the wrong person and they don't want to tell me... ha! Poor them. Robin, girl... you look great, I love the photo booth pics so much I'm saving them into my cousin files to look at from time to time. I really hope all is grand in munchkin land and that you are truly enjoying your little doll. I get overwhelmed now and again now that I have two, but then I look at Rae's blog and she makes me laugh and feel much better. Tell the fam hi for me and hugz all'roun!!

Jeff and Necia said...

hazel is super adorable - and getting so big! how is she doing? what is she doing these days? and what about the cleaning and big move??? just thought i'd check in and say hello. :) miss you guys. tell nate happy birthday!