Fam Christmas

So in the last post you saw a picture out my front door. That's nothing compared to what we came home to last night after Christmas with my family. Snow was piled up to the front door, heaped against the side of my car, and fairly level to the curb from where it landed on the street. We were carving a new path into the neighborhood when we got home last night.

We met my family at Mom and Dad's for breakfast yesterday morning and then spent the day over there. Nate and I finally left around 6pm, maybe 7pm. It was an all-day affair! We had fun just hanging out, snug and warm, watching the wind whip snow around the house.

Rae Ann made this "Hazel charm" for me for Christmas. Such a great, creative gift! I'm so excited to begin really wearing it - once it's totally dry. My poor little Nathaniel charm you see next to it got stuck on the Hazel's face for a few minutes yesterday...She's okay, though, so don't worry!


*FARMERS* said...

oh my gosh i LOVE your mom's sweater that pic of her and hazel is the best! :) yeah for christmas..read my blog to find out what has been going on here! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. That little girl is the PERFECT mix of both you and Nate. She is beautiful!
I LOVE your necklace from Rae Ann. What a sweet idea. I also think the charm is just priceless. What a thoughtful gift.

Anonymous said...

ps. I just saw your note. I totally forgot about the eyeliner! I'll take the black. I'll get brown at another time. We are completely strapped right now. And thanks for the reminder about the movies! I know you guys will be moving soon. Can I pick them up next week? (I hope they helped with the bed rest!)

Lindsi said...

That charm is sooo neat! I love it, so precious! How did she get a photo that small? Jeff bought me a locket for my birthday to put a photo of Sophia in, but I don't know how to get one that tiny :)