*dum dum duuuummmmmm*


That's what I am.

It's a little jarring, but I think I'll be okay.

I had a good birthday, though, so that helps in times of trial.

I spent a chunk of the day with Mom, Rae Ann, and the girlies working on Christmas cookies. Rae Ann brought her sling so we could practice using it with Hazel - she needs to learn to get used to it. (Don't worry, she screamed solidly when I put her in one awhile ago, but once Rae Ann popped her in the sling yesterday, Hazel was peachy. Cool.)

The snow kept me from venturing out for Nate's stocking stuffers on my own, so I made some stops with Dad (who spent my "birthday moment" with me) in the afternoon (in his 4-wheel drive truck) and left Hazel with Mom and Rae Ann for a few hours.

She did great! When Dad and I got home, Hazel was out like a lump on a log, and she showed very little interest in waking up. I packed her up and we rushed home, though - Nate had called and wanted me to get home and get ready for us to go out for my birthday.

We dropped Hazel off with Nate's mom and then jetted to dinner. I took this birthday self-portrait in Rick and Karen's driveway. Okay, I'll be honest. I was a little excited to get out and go to dinner and a movie. And to be alone with Nate.

Nate took me to Portifino's in Sellwood for dinner. It had been about five and a half years since we had eaten there last, so I was very excited to give it a try again! The food was fantastic, but this was the second time when Nate has practically broken a tooth on something in his food during one of my birthday dinners.

The first time it happened was in Red Robin - Nate was drinking his water when suddenly he sputtered and spit out a bunch of glass. They handed him an accident report form and bid us adieu. I'm pretty sure that Portifino's thought we were trying to pull something over on them last night when Nate handed them a spoon with a bit of bone or shell in it that he spit out after taking a bite of his vegetarian meal. The guy said (in essence), "Well, don't know where that came from...That's too bad. Oh well."

We enjoyed our dinner immensely, but I think we can wait another 5+ years before going back.

After dinner in Sellwood, we drove out to Gresham for a double feature at Mt. Hood Theater - we saw "Eagle Eye" and "Lakeview Terrace," both intense movies. "Lakeview Terrace" left us feeling on edge, though, which I think directly contributed to the fact that these bed-by-8pm people made it home by 1am still awake and with it.

I should mention, though, that we made it all the way from Gresham to the bottom of Nate's parents' hill before having to put chains on Nate's truck. The forecast had freaked us out and made us think that we'd have to put chains on before going to the movie, but the drive back to Clackamas was still clear at midnight. Oh, for those of you from the area, we drove from the theater all the way up Powell to 92nd and then over to Sunnyside. No back roads for us. So the drive took twice as long as usual.

Here's Nate putting on the chains, and here's my opinion of an icy hill at 12:15am.

Ah, good times! Memories to hold me over until I'm another year older!

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Tyler's Mom said...

Love the sling!!! I used it for three months until I switched to the Moby Wrap. Hazel is beautiful!!!