Noble Commander

One of our labor nurses, Emily, asked us about the name choices for our girl while she was with us during her shift at the hospital. I shared with her the name meanings without sharing the actual names: Heidi - "noble, kind"; Hazel - "commander." Emily began calling our girl Noble Commander, and I think the nickname suits Hazel. She's our little commander, but she's just so sweet and small! I have a suspicion that the commander element of her personality will carry on through her lifetime - that feeling is strong!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It's so fun to watch Hazel grow. I can't wait until she fits her pink ballet shoes. I knew you would love parenting. I have prayed for years, "Please take care of my children." I guess I really should have been praying "Thank you letting me take care of YOUR children." What a gift God entrusts us with. How could anyone not see what a miracle a baby is? Hazel is the best Christmas gift to you and your whole family.


Linsea said...

hmm... does that remind you of anyone?

Linsea said...

I mean that in total love of course :-)