because i'm a new mom

You are about to be subjected to a long line of videos and pictures, all of which I find fantastic because I'm a new mom, and isn't it my job to inundate anyone willing to look and listen with pictures of my sleeping baby, my sleeping baby, and my sleeping baby?

We switched to a different pediatrician and met her this morning. The first ped came into our hospital room and met with us when Hazel was a day old. We had our first week appointment with him but decided to switch to a different office closer to our house. We love our new pediatrician! She's great!

And Hazel is doing fantastic - her stats...
* Date of birth (11-22): 7 lbs. 14 oz., 19 3/4 inches long, head 14 inches around
* Day we left the hospital (11-25): 7 lbs. 3 oz.
* First lactation appointment (11-26): 6 lbs. 14 oz.
* One week appointment (11-28): 7 lbs. 4 oz.
* Two week appointment (12-8): 8 lbs. 8 oz., 21 inches long, head 14 5/8 inches around

I am sooo proud of Hazel - she's growing so much and doing so well. She impressed the ped when she held her head up and looked around (both ways) during some tummy time in the office. Her eyes are doing great, her arms and legs move in sync as well as independent of each other...I could keep going, but I'll stop...We're just thrilled with her growth!

This picture is from last night after decorating the Christmas tree (which I'll post about soon, because this year's tree takes the cake...) - Hazel was a little pooped after a long day. We visited the Canby Tamale Festival yesterday afternoon and then stopped by Leslie and Adam's to visit and take a look at some houses in their neighborhood. And then last night Rick and Karen stopped by with food and time on their hands - we handed Hazel over and decorated the tree.

Okay, so Ricky and Tiffany fly in from South Korea today. And they're back for good! We can't wait to go see them. Actually, I need to wrap up Hazel so we can load up the car and go pick them up from the airport right now...I'm taking the camera, though, so I'll post about the "reunion" soon, too - this is the first time Ricky and Tiffany will meet Hazel, so we're all pretty excited! Okay, another video before I go, though. Enjoy, friends. Enjoy.


Tyler's Mom said...

She is beautiful!!! I LOVE seeing the pictures and hearing stories. I can't wait to meet her!!!

Tim said...

Oh. My. Sweet. Lifegiving. God. Hazel Elaine obviously has your luxurious hair. And otherwise typical newborn amphibious appearance. (Whoa, did I say that?....) I will be knocking at your door within the week to hold this child and kiss its head. Oh yeah, okay, and talk with you, I guess..... (just want to break you in gradually to time-honored position of Second Fiddle Mother Of Beautiful Infant/So What Am I, Chopped Liver?? --UT

shauna Wagner said...

I praise God for the joy you have your child.
What a gift to her. You are doing great!
Can't wait to see you and meet your Princess.
Love you guys!

rae ann said...

dude, where's the g's???

Anonymous said...

okay, so i love the name you chose! i should have known you'd be so unique with your baby's name. what is the meaning of hazel?

Anonymous said...

oh, that last post was me, Katie Boss, by the way. i can't remember my login password ;)

GrannyNanny said...

This was one of the best posts ever - keep em coming!

Jen said...

she is such a gorgeous girl! and my heart fluttered seeing the pictures of her all cozy in the little purple striped jammies... i can't wait to cuddle her! :)

Jeff and Necia said...

way to go Hazel - what a superstar! great stats, and (coming from a pediatric PT), AWESOME that she is already picking up her head when she is on her tummy!!!

Robin, you are such an adorable mom! and you are have such a beautiful baby!!! so cute, too, that you can't help but show her off! :D

hope all continues to go this well!