So, this year Nate and I found we had the space to accomodate family for Thanksgiving. I LOVE hosting, so I was super excited about this year's dinner! Mom, Karen, and I coordinated our dinner items and together we came up with I think a darn good meal. Mom and Dad brought along the turkey, one of their own from their "farm" (check out their blog for the best before and after photos). It weighed in at 31 pounds, way too much for seven of us! Rick, Karen, Ricky, Mom, Dad, and I did our best, though.

After dinner we enjoyed desert in the family room by the fire while watching "Christmas Story." The ambiance totally got me int the spirit of Christmas! Mom had threatened to not come over if my house was already decorated for Christmas, but I got away with having a few wreaths up and a couple random decorations:) All in all, we had a fantastic meal and enjoyed each other's company!

Our camera didn't have batteries that day so I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. Sorry that you're stuck with a couple of the dinner table!

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