10 weeks and counting

So Saturdays are the beginning of each new week in my pregnancy. This last Saturday was quite a surprise - week 9 had gone really well with longer periods of feeling in good spirits and like I had energy. On Saturday alone I threw up three times between 2:30am and 9:30am. Argh! The last couple days have seen an improvement, although my gag reflex is huge. I know that you really want to know all these fantastic details :)

So that's our baby update! I'm not posting any baby bump pictures because, well, it's still in the works! But you'll be the first to know when it happens...



HART said...

Robin I am so happy for you both!

You will be in my thoughts even more often now, I'm sending positive energy your way. It's sad that just now when you might actually start to feel better and be getting some more energy at this stage, I on the other hand am about 3 1/2 weeks away from delivery and I am very uncomfortable and fatigued, but that is to be expected. I want to know if you guys were trying or if this was a very happy little surprise?


Tyler's Mom said...

My heart goes out to you...I was really sick for most of Tyler's pregnancy. My gag reflex is still a struggle. Let me know if you need an tips...I feel like I tried them all! It's so good to hear how you are doing!

HART said...

Yeah, I really are pregnant!
Wish I had some more recent ones to put up, but only other people have taken some and I don't have those yet. I'm even bigger than the pic you daw. I keep telling Shane that every tiem I pass the mirror I've gotten larger. There's simply no more room in there, I don't know how I'm gonna last 3 more weeks.

Yeah, Shannon is getting so big. Every time I see her I think she is always going to be my little girl, but my baby is gone forever. Then I just want o cry. DAMN HORMONES!!

By the way: GOOD ANSWER!!

Elisa McLaughlin said...

I am so excited for you two! I will be praying. Sick in the beginning is good from what I have heard. God is in control and knows what he is doing...enjoy the ride! Come see us soon.

HART said...


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
I better be working the day you come in to deliver. I am so excited. I ask Peggy about you all the time. I'll keep checking your blog for updates so I can watch the little Banks boy or girl get bigger.
Nurse Lorrie