Piper Sue slept with Nate and I on Monday night when we returned home from the ER. She did well that night. She ate an eight-ounce bottle for breakfast the next morning and followed that with a decent nap. Around 12:30p.m., Nate and I were watching her play on the floor on her belly when she began to vomit again. Nate whipped her up and slung her over his arm and pounded on her back again. It helped her get up what she needed to, and then, once no more was coming up, she spit out a hard, uh, thing about the size of a dime.

We're not sure what it is she spit up, but the pediatrician's best guess is that it was a scab from inside her belly. The doctor thinks that she somehow had a small bleed in her belly, which healed over with a scab resulting. My thought has been that she upchucked it when her belly worked super hard heaving - it came lose and up it came. I do not think that the lose scab trying to come up had anything to do with her initial vomiting episode.

Her belly is sensitive right now. We don't know why but it's easy to assume it has everything to do with just being sick over the last month. I think about when I've had high fevers. Do I turn around and eat a pizza once my fever is broken? Heck no. I kind of liken the oatmeal and bottle she had for lunch on Monday (pre-throwing up) to a big pizza - just not what she needed. Her pediatrician has us feeding Piper her bottle in 2-3oz. increments over about an hour, so she eats 9-12oz. over an hour, sometimes an hour and a half. That's been an interesting change for docile Piper. She gets pretty ticked at and feels betrayed by her bottle when it's empty after only 60 seconds of eating.

Her stool sample that we gave last Thursday just today yielded half of the results that we're waiting on. So far everything is negative. We're going to give a urine sample today (third try is a charm...or here's hoping anyway) - I'm so tired of the pediatrician's office!

Piper Sue is sleeping with us every night, which is such a mixed blessing. Our bed is fine for the two of us, but add an almost-one-year-old and it gets tight. She's a hot sleeper, too, so I'll wake up with a sweaty Piper ball on my neck and I have to move her back to the middle without waking her up. It's fun. And tricky.

Thanks for your prayers. I'm so glad to be able to say she's doing well. God has been good. God is good. God will continue to be good. I don't know what that will look like the rest of today, tomorrow, or even next week, but I'm confident in His goodness.

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