Beautiful Miss Hazel B., living it up on the Oregon Coast.
Bum to the sky, fingers in the sand.

I have a lot of these self-portraits. I say very loosely that we're kind of figuring out how to take them.
On a treasure hunt. She wouldn't slow down!

Celebrated 7 years of marriage together this year. Love him.

See? This self-portrait is almost better than the first one! Shadow portraits are the best!

She's flirting with the guy in the coffee shop.

Couldn't get a "sisterly" picture for the life of me...unless this counts in your book.

In heaven, enjoying my coffee flavored foam.

Tuckered after her treasure hunt, so what's she do? She sits down in the sand.

Whatever it was, it was amazing.

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The Boggs Family said...

How fun! Love your pictures! ; )