Some pictures from California

Pretty quickly after Grandad died, we all scrambled to pull together our individual travel arrangements. I was a lucky girl to be able to go to Visalia at all, and even luckier to be on the same flight as Mom and Dad. The pictures are from the Portland airport, at the beginning of the trip...

The weather in Visalia was so nice! Hot, but wonderful. And Suzi has the greatest, most bestest pool ever that we were able to take total advantage of! Mom dove in after one of her morning jogs.

I took some pictures of the Powell's house to show Nate when I got home so that he'd be familiar with it when we go back for Christmas in December. Karina jumped right in to help...

We had lasagna for dinner one night and Karina dumped it all down her shirt...She stuck her clothes in the washer and came out wearing shorts for a shirt and a shirt for shorts, a really winning combination!

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