Frankie the Girl

--is our new cat! She's so sweet! She's three years old, or so. Nate's cousin gave her to us-Frankie had been staying with Nate's aunt, uncle, and grandma-so we brought her home last night. We had her in the laundry room so that she could orient herself to a new home, but she figured out a way to push on the door hard enough to open it...One thing to note, though, the door opens into the laundry room, so she had to bounce the door until it swung enough so she could squeeze through. She's a genius!

And then there's us...Nate is so handsome:)

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*FARMERS* said...

what a cute kitty! great pics. umm...so you need to call me! i feel like i am your little voicemail leaving stalker ;) love you!