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Nate and I began driving down 224 past Estacada on Friday, July 21, in hopes of finding the most fantastic camping spot ever. The drive was gorgeous--224 ran alongside the Clackamas River, so we were in the shade of the canyon for the most part, sufficiently escaping the triple digit weather. We headed toward Detroit Lake Campground, knowing that the chances of finding a spot at the last second were slim to none. Honestly, that worked well for me, because I don't like swimming in lakes. Hate the deep, dark, unknown water. Love rivers, though!

We passed innumberable campgrounds on our way to Detroit, many which we thought it would be fun to just drive through. Well, we got to Detroit Lake and it was packed to overflowing. We turned around and stopped at the first campground we came to: Breitenbush. Fantastic! We took the first spot we saw (after a quick zoom through the small campground) and set up camp. There was a path through the underbrush around our campsite, and it crossed through our campsite, but not many people used it. I "stared" them away:) Some people ignored my glares and tromped right past us in our little chairs right next to the fire pit. That was just strange.

The clearing in the trees let us watch the sun pass over without ever pounding down on us...it was marvelous! Our first night was very humid, but we bore it without too much complaint. Well, mutual grumbling to be honest, but we were mostly too excited about being on vacation to whither in the heat.

Our site was right on the river. The weather was nice and sticky when we began setting up house, but we found that the air was incredibly cool down by the water. We took several breaks just to breath! The view was gorgeous.

We didn't set up the dinner canopy immediately...we thought we'd be just fine without it at first, but, as the sun shifted over our site, we realized that the added shade would be nice.

We struggled and struggled with that freakin' tent. Nate worked on laying it all out before setting it up; that took him around 1 and 1/2 hours, with small breaks to nap. Hey, we were on vacation. Anything goes. It took the two of us working together to erect the tent. And then we realized that it wasn't even square. Finally, after hours struggling in the heat, we got it up. But then the middle pole pierced through the top and the whole thing collapsed right on top of us. Ack. We eventually passed the point of frustration and had to laugh. Once we got the tent fixed, we were very glad, as the rainy weather that night would have soaked all of our stuff if we hadn't set it up.

The second day of our trip, after a lazy morning of lounging in the pleasant sun, cooled by the rain the night before, we hopped in the truck and drove into Detroit.

When we got back to the campsite, we sat down by the river for awhile and enjoyed the view. And, here's the proof: I'm in a picture that I didn't take! Surprise!

We wandered around along the water for quite some time, enjoying its frigid temperatures, which brought out it's clarity. It was rushing past us, and as it kept flowing, it brought a fog with it. Something about cold water and hot air, I'm sure.

Nate and I enjoyed sitting around with each other with nothing to do, nothing demanding our time...it was glorious! We talked about everything from our honeymoon experience to our work the day before we left on our camping trip. It was so wonderful to just talk! As we were talking we spotted an eagle swooping along the river. We watched him fly past us with a fish in his talons and then soar to the top of a tree into an enormous nest where babies fluttered to the edge to meet him. We spotted him (or her, I guess) again later that night.

And even the next morning! We spent our last day enjoying breakfast and then packing up to go home. It was wonderful coming home, but so sad to leave our beautiful camping spot! We can't wait to go back, and soon! Soon it will be, too...

Here are some miscellaneous pictures that I liked well enough to include here...

[Nate's in the background, I promise.]

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bean and sprout's rep. said...

i LOVE that shot of nate looking up at the camera (much more than the one of his ass!)! looks like you guys had a great time! it's so strange to think that i was 6 months prego on our first anniversary. deep inside, i'm totally envious of your freedom- to be able to just pack up and go camping... just the two of you! live it up, sista!