Sunday's BBQ

The fam got together at Hangar 52 on Sunday. It was a nice break from the business of home. Every time I see Ivy I'm more and more impressed with her likeness to Rae Ann. She was big when she was born, but, man, she's still growing! She's holding the weight of her head pretty well now, and she looks like she'll roll any day. I laid her down on the couch and thought that that would probably be the last time I could enjoy that luxury. I'm sure that the next time I see her she'll be attempting a getaway by rolling off the edge.

Ivy was the smiliest I've seen her - she even enjoyed Nate holding her! She loves her moma, so it's tough to keep her happy when you're holding her and you're not her moma...but Nate did really well:)

Stella was her stunning self. She nipped my sunglasses as soon as she saw them and started dancing around to the music...the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack...not so much dance music, but, hey, it's got a beat!

Dad flew Tom around for awhile, so, when Nate and I first arrived, Mom, Rae Ann, Stella, and Ivy were sitting on the runway waiting for the men to return. It finally got to the point where we were all tired of waiting for the guys to get back, so we decided to fire up the grill and start dinner. Nate struggled with the grill for awhile, but eventually got it lit. He may have taken off mom's eyebrows...who's fault that would be I'm not sure...Option 1) too much lighter fluid, Option 2) mom was too close for her own good.

Point is, we got it fired up and meat was cooked!

Rameus spent his time being bitter that he was tied up in the hangar. He had wandered out onto the runway while we were waiting for the guys to land, so mom tied him up with this coil. It has to do with airpressure and tools and punching holes in the materials for the plane so dad can bolt it all together. Oh, well I butchered that. You'd think I don't listen when dad's explaining the details of building his plane. Nate would be embarrassed if he saw me typing this...

We were wrapping up our festivities when I spotted Dakota on the ground guarding the dish I had baked a raspberry buckle in. She had planted herself between the dish and Rameus, cutting off his access to the sweetness. I caught her with her tongue creeping it's way under the lid to lick up the powdered sugar. Cute. Obnoxious, but still cute!

More later.

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bean and sprout's rep. said...

that was such a fun evening! perfect, really...