You're probably bored by now.

I've been blogging on every little step along the way, but I'm just so excited! I'll do my best, though, and try to refrain from overloading you with pictures of paint, tape, and dropcloths. But I'll begin doing that in just a minute.

First, this is the wall in our dining room at the beginning of Monday night. The uneven white line at the top of the wall is from when Nate painted the ceiling, just so you know. Because it's, well, not important. Anyway!

Here's Nate in the middle of it all.

And here's what it looks like now! So nice and fresh! Our carpet took on a whole new shade, though, one we're not sure we like, but it's nice carpet so we're keeping it for now. And the mouldings! Ah, they look so clean!

This was Nate yesterday, busy prepping the living room. There hasn't been a whole lot for me to do to help Nate in the process - he's the pro. I think that he might assign me a few simple tasks so that I can help...and also so that we can present a painted house in just a couple weeks. I'll post pictures once he gets the walls rolled out, and then we'll see if I have enough restraint to keep my blogs at a minimum so you're not overloaded:)

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Natti's Momma said...

Robin, I LOVE the new wall, and the light fixture looks beautiful against it! You guys have done so much work. You're lucky to have such a handy husband ;o) Adam and I are both so far from being ready for home ownership! You and Nate have done a great job!