A few things

This past weekend, Rae Ann and I hosted a party for Mom and Dad's 25th and 1/2 wedding anniversary (it was in December, but who wants to travel to an anniversary party between Christmas and New Years?). It was a beautiful party! I don't have any pictures of the party right now, so I'll post those later today or tomorrow maybe.

Leslie and Adam came into town and stayed with us for a couple nights. They were our first overnight guests! We were excited to have someone in our guest room. It totally forced us to organize that room and get it whipped into shape. Les and Adam brought along Roxy...Frankie went on the fritz. She totally freaked out when she saw Roxy. Frankie tore up my arms as she leaped into out bedroom to escape, but Roxy, although big, is totally harmless. She wanted to play! It was nice to have a dog around for a few days. I like that I can play with Frankie for a little bit, but then she's okay on her own. I don't think I'm ready for the dependence of a dog right now. Anyway, here are a couple pics of some pretty amazing friends:)

And here is our new houseguest...my cousin Chris. Mom and Dad took off for the beach after their party, so Chris is here with us until they return on Wednesday. No worries, we've already planned out all our days until they return. (Beach, here we come! Oh, and Powell's...and NIKE employee store, maybe. Rae Ann, if you're reading this, can we go???)

Also, one last thing. I met up with Kristin DufF this past weekend. She was in town from the beach, so we met up to celebrate her birthday, which is actually on Tuesday, the 29th. For those of you who don't know, she and I met at Ecola Bible School my second year of college. She had been attending Trinity Western University, which was the university I had plans to transfer to after EBS, so she and I went up there todgether. We both graduated from TWU in 2005, and now she's working her way through this next year as a CNA.

This last weekend was incredibly busy, but such a blessing! I'll post some pictures from the party as soon as I get a few on this computer. More later.


*FARMERS* said...

boy that's a good looking bunch you got there! it's not a very good pic of roxy, but she is too spastic to be photogenic. we miss you guys already! :*

dutchlvr said...

We're so glad you came and stayed with us! It was a blessing to have you around for awhile! You're always welcome:)