Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

The family room and kitchen look absolutely phenomenal! All thanks to Nathaniel Scott Banks of Banks Painting, LLC. (Interested? Call 503.803.4574--can you tell I'm dedicated to my husband? I'm his #1 fan.)
Nate came home on Saturday night after a 13 hours work day and went on to work for another 6 hours at home. He prepped and cut in most of the family room that night. Around 2:30am he decided to be done. It was my sole duty to stay awake while he worked. Not so easy if you ask me. But what is staying awake to a 19 hour work day spent entirely on one's feet? Okay, so 8am rolled around and we literally stumbled out of bed, totally incoherent until we had coffee. Nate began painting and I weeded the back yard. He kept painting and I mowed the lawn. He kept on painting and I ran errands. Finally, it was 1:30 and I was showered and ready for the party. I got downstairs and he was still painting. STILL PAINTING. Around 1:45 he began flying around the kitchen and family room (like a little blurr) picking up all his painting equipment. We hurridly moved furniture back into the kitchen and organized the family room and dining room. I pretty much tossed the food on the table while he showered. The party was supposed to begin at 2pm, but it was probably 2:30 before anyone showed up. Thank God for those extra minutes! I cleaned up the mess I had made the night before getting all the food ready...And here I should say thank God for Linsea Weigel! She came over on Saturday night and spent hours and hours dipping pretzels into chocolate. If she hadn't helped, I would never have been able to make the cheese ball, 7 layer bean dip, upside-down plum cake, or mollasses sandwich cookies...So we enjoyed the company of several friends: Brent Hiebert, Matt and Laura Holt, Jeff and Necia Davis, Linsea, Dave and Tiffani Martin (along with their son Charlie), and finally Hunter and Amanda Dagget.We had the greatest time just hanging out with folks! We were very excited to share our home and look forward to many more events with friends and family!


HART said...

I remember those days when I could just do stuff around the house and hang out with friends. Glad to hear you had such a great time. Sounds like Nate is one busy little bee! You too! I also noticed that you found the colors and fonts, congrats!
xoxo Heather

bean and sprout's rep. said...

yeah, pictures! jeff and necia are so cute together! and little charlie is growing so fast!

okay, so when did SJP attempt to climb out of her crib? was that just last night?