More Work Accomplished

Sunday found Nate and I practically knee deep in paint. He took over the living room and got every wall painted. I helped him prep!!! Wahoo! I even got the downstairs bathroom ready to be painted. I was trying to actually do all the painting, but, let's face it, I'm no good. The ceiling, which would have taken Nate 60 seconds to paint took 6 minutes because I kept taking over and I kept messing it up. But my ever-supportive husband was kind enough to tell me I did a good job, that I have potential. He's sweet. A liar, but sweet:]

I didn't get any pictures of the bathroom for this post, but I'll be sure to take a picture of my big circus tent colored bathroom before I paint it. It's a real winner. It's gonna look oh-so-pretty when we're done with it!

More later.


bean and sprout's rep. said...

can't wait to see it all on friday! looks like you guys have done a TON!

HART said...

Although I've never been there, your plae looks very nice!! Hubby's doing a great job! I'm sure you are too, but I'm not seeing your pc anywhere. By the way you asked about color and fonts. Well, whenever I compose a new post there is a color chart and font size place on the top bar of where I'm typing. I would think that you would have them too!. Ask Rae Rae to show you, I noticed she has them in here writings.
Love Heather

bean and sprout's rep. said...

mmmm... cheesecake.

*FARMERS* said...

yes you definatley need to post a pic of the circus tent since by the time i head your way it will already be painted! :) it is looking so good...way to go you two! ;)

Stephen said...

Now I feel bad for not helping. Almost.