So, I have piles and piles of photos to catch everyone up on...The post will be enormous--when I get around to it. Our computer failed us back in December and it's been at the Mac store shop ever since. I'm using dad's computer for now, so I'll have to figure somehting out so I can blog a little and catch you all up. We've traveled to and from California, visiting family in Visalia and Fresno for Christmas. We had a great time and have lots and lots of pictures to prove it:) We've been home for only a few days now (sooo glad to be sleeping in our own bed! we tried out four different ones over the course of our trip, so that's never fun), so we're getting back into the swing of things.

I'll slap some pictures up soon:] STAY TUNED!


*FARMERS* said...

boy you are lucky that you posted this i was getting ready to post threatening comments about how you need to get on it! ;) i hope to talk to you soon :)

J.A.B. Davis said...

Wow, I never thought I would be sitting at my computer watching Nate eat cheese cake.
Got your link from Jeff and Necia's blog...looks like you guys are doing great. Make sure you look us up if you are ever passin through sisters.