Still alive...in case you were wondering :)

Nate is busy as all get out with his work (thank God!), so he's been distracted lately :) This week I've been focusing on balancing editing with jury duty. I checked in at the courthouse in Oregon City this morning, but they sent me home a couple hours later - apparently their whole trial schedule has been thrown off by Veteran's day! I don't mind too much, although I would like to sit in on a trial just to see what it's like.

It's been nice finding our pace again, honestly. We're focusing on living and working and being together. God's still at work in us, to say the least. I've been really struggling with out of control emotions, but I'll take those any day over the horrible nightmares I had just after Nathaniel's burial! Honestly, I just really look forward to being "even" again. I'm sure Nate would enjoy it, too :) He's so patient!

It would be wonderful to honestly say that everything is perfect, but I can't lie very well! If you're looking for a way to pray for us (if I may make a request), pray for God's timing. It feels like we're waiting on so many different things right now, so peace and discernment and confidence are necessary for us.

I wish I had some awesome pictures to post, but, alas, I've been such a homebody lately that I haven't needed to use the camera! Ah well.


GrannyNanny said...

Consider yourself prayed for - it really helps to know how to pray correctly. Thanks for sharing what you are feeling. You are dearly loved.

Jenni said...

Oooh, jury duty in Oregon City, eh? If they send you home again and you're feeling a little lonely, feel free to give me a buzz! I'd love to have you drop by!